About Blue Moon Ventures, Inc.

Thanks for your curious!

Since 2002 Blue Moon Ventures Inc. has been helping IT Training content providers to take their products globally.  Quietly and behind the scenes Blue Moon Ventures has cultivated many of the industry’s largest providers by helping them to grow their presence globally.  This has provided us with relationships around the world with Training Center owners, corporations, governments and academic institutions.

It is this expertise in International Markets and with the worldwide Training Center industry that Blue Moon Ventures is now bring our unique perspective directly to our global training provider clients, in more than 120 Countries.

Our Goal is to Serve You and Help you GROW your Business

Blue Moon Ventures is committed to bringing Best in Breed product offerings at discount pricing with state of the technology solutions to the trade.

We understand the challenges of providing an excellent and appropriate training experience that works for your organization and your clients.  Blue Moon Ventures strives to enable training organizations to provide efficient, cost effective, green training alternatives so you can grow your business while better serving your clients.  We provide training solutions that overcome obstacles to your success.

We exist to make your business grow.

We will never compete with you.

Your business is our business, and we will never take you for granted.

Together we bring collective buying power and influence.